Yossi Harari

Yossi Harari has endeavored to recover the ancient art of jewelry-making, magically imbuing each of his creations with inspiration drawn from the exotic and classically feminine designs of Byzantine and Etruscan jewelry and marrying it with his modern, chic, whimsical and out-of-the box style. To this day, Harari and his expert goldsmiths in Istanbul — his ancestor’s home — create ingenious organic shapes from pure 24-karat gold sheets, sculpting each toggle, bead, and bezel by hand, refusing to resort to wax molds or castings.


Each item radiates the rich yellow color and warm feel of pure gold and recalls the spectacular jewels of ancient times. He “designs for the up-to-the-minute woman — the woman on the go who wants to be comfortable yet sexy, exotic yet modern, fashionable yet possessing her own sense of style.” Whether making a statement with Yossi Harari’s jewelry pieces means teaming them with an exquisite evening dress, a little black dress for a night out on the town, or to lunch paired with jeans, one thing they are not designed for is to lie forgotten in the bottom of a drawer!