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Coral Ocean Drop Earrings


A stunning pair of earrings in 18k rose gold vermeil with 18k gold posts, intricately prong and pavé-set with an array of laboratory-grown synthesized and simulated gemstones including a central salmon pink opal cabochon, pink tourmaline, pink and orange sapphires  and white diamonds.

Opals, known as fossils of the sea, hold a universe of mesmerizing colors in a single gemstone.  Composed of 90% silica and 10% water fossilized over millions of years, our laboratory-grown opals have the exact gemological composition with unrivaled beauty.

Dimensions: length 5cm, width at widest point 1cm
Weight: 8.25g per earring     

Materials: 18k gold vermeil, 18k gold posts, laboratory-grown synthesized and simulated gemstones

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