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veronica beard

Thoughtfully designed with feminine silhouettes and refined tailoring, the Veronica Beard collection is intuitively built for real life—empowering her from day to night, work to weekend, and everywhere in between. We also empower the women who make a difference in the world by giving back all day, every day.

Sisters-in-law Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard have spent the last eight years designing classic and versatile pieces that they actually want to wear. The bread and butter of the Veronica Beard line is the Dickey jacket, a classic blazer with a zip-in interchangeable liner, but as the brand has grown, the designers have moved on to ruffled dresses, jeans, loafers, and beyond. The vibe of the collection is reliably casual but always feels relevant.

“The line is our answer to looking chic without having to think too much about it,” says Swanson Beard.

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