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tamara comolli

Since the brand was founded in 1992, TAMARA COMOLLI has redefined the rules of wearing fine jewelry. With our incredibly versatile designs, we help every woman express herself in a natural and effortless way. “Barefoot luxury” is what we’re all about: a feeling of freedom and happiness that lets you escape from the mundanities of everyday life. Inspired by our love of the ocean and our endless passion for the rarest, most colorful gemstones, we create surprising and playful yet elegant and feminine designs.

Our acorn-shaped gemstones in vibrant colors are now firm favorites of women all over the world, who wear them every day in the most beautiful color combinations and layered looks. Join us on a journey through the fascinating world of gems! Inspired by jewelry lovers, and simply by wonderful women, our passion is to design precious, timeless jewelry as gorgeous and individual as those who wear it. We truly believe that luxury should never be excessive or intimidating, but fun, natural, and easy to wear. Our designs are surprising and playful, yet understated, sexy, and elegant, and never go out of season — collections you can interpret to your heart’s content and that reflect the promise of our brand, Casual Luxury.

“Gemstones with their scintillating colors, shapes, and endless variety have fascinated me since my childhood days, to the point that this passion today is almost ruinous as I hold onto one-of-a-kind gems for a long time and release them only for my famous Collectibles. The selection is best expressed in those sweet and feminine acorn-shaped gem designs within my MIKADO Collection that some clients have become obsessed with! My favorite gemstones are tourmalines and sapphires.”