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Talbot Runhof

Johnny Talbot

Johnny Talbot was born in 1964 in Nashville, Tennessee. He studied electrical engineering and worked after his studies, first as a programmer for the US government, and later for Radio Free Europe in Munich, where he met Adrian Runhof. After this meeting, he started his career as a fashion designer. The autodidact, whose mother had already designed costumes for American country music stars, is the mastermind behind the mathematical precision of the Talbot Runhof dresses, which always appear effortless and elegant despite their masterfully elaborate construction.

Adrian Runhof

Adrian Runhof was born in 1963 in Mainz and studied business administration after finishing school. He comes from a family of fashion producers, designers, and retailers and founded his own fashion label from an early age. In addition, he worked as a consultant for various fashion companies in Germany and abroad. His passion is exquisite materials, from which he designs iconic dresses together with Johnny Talbot. He is also known as a trendsetter and in charge of all aspects of the Talbot Runhof brand world.