roni blanshay

Roni Blanshay is taking the world of high fashion jewelry by storm with an unprecedented collection of dazzling offerings that reaffirms her position on the glamour scene.

A philanthropist and mainstay of social circles, Blanshay became a fixture in the fashion world early on through her top-selling clothing brand Roni Blanshay Denim. Now, she’s bringing her sense of fashion and style into high-end costume jewelry that is feminine and elegant, yet bold and dramatic. Her designs are fueled by her view of the Roni Blanshay woman who dazzles and makes people take notice — on the street and on the red carpet.

Made with high quality gems and Swarovski crystal, the bold quality of the jewelry represents the spirit of fearless women: powerful, iconic, revolutionary. Indeed, the pieces are now gracing the wrists, necklines and earlobes of some of the nation’s most influential women, including Oprah Winfrey, Sophia Vergara, Hoda Kotb, and many more.

The striking jewelry is designed to mix easily into a woman’s everyday style, adding a dazzling allure to a dressed-down look. The line is already a highly acclaimed retail success, available at fine stores in many major markets in the U.S. and abroad.


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