Roland Nivelais

From the beginning of his career, Roland Nivelais has had a consistent and distinctive style. sophisticated, feminine, and glamorous.

Having studied art and costume history at The French Couture School in Paris, Roland’s education is clearly evident in the details of his work. Particular attention to his elaborate draping, rare finishing touches and impeccable workmanship are always present. Roland makes no apologies when asked why his collections are mostly cocktail dresses and evening wear, he believes in being polished, groomed and always prepared.

Born in the Loire Valley, Roland Nivelais moved to New York in the mid 80’s, living the bohemian dream in New York’s East Village as a budding designer; quite the change from his very strict, very formal French upbringing and Catholic boarding schools. It is this very contradiction, however, that translates in his designs: balance and elegance are obviously the rules but there’s always something a little unpredictable. Roland’s love of the 18th century, a passion for horseback riding, and a skill for fencing easily combine to create a portrait from another era; yet he takes great pride in continually being inspired by his daily life in his beloved New York City.

Right after his first fashion show, Roland Nivelais became a member of the CFDA. His glamorous clothes have graced the cover of WWD several times and can often be spotted on socialites, celebrities and movie stars