mignon gavigan

It all began with a spontaneous New York moment that forever changed the course of Mignonne Gavigan’s career. Fresh off her days at Parsons Paris, the young fashion designer was experimenting with a beaded vintage gown, when an embellished piece of fabric fell to the floor. She picked it up and fastened it around her neck. A walk home through Soho; a handful of compliments, and the first Mignonne Gavigan design was born. Over the next seven years, the (foot) traffic-stopping scarf necklace became the Downtown girl’s best-kept secret. On the cusp of clothing and jewelry, it was everything a woman on the go needed: a perfect jean-and-tee accomplice, an instant outfit reviver, a dopamine boost for the day-to-day. As her cult-like following grew, Mignonne began seeking a partner for the next step of her venture. Once again, serendipity came into play. Enter Layne Jacobs, a fellow southerner and brand devotee. Hailing from the world of investment banking, Layne was the perfect strategic yin to Mignonne’s creative yang. Since 2014, their unique dynamic has allowed the brand to scale and evolve while remaining true to its couture roots.