mehry mu

Founded with escapist ideals by Güneş Mutlu in 2010, Mehry Mu is an Istanbulite brand that offers locally produced handbags, or as the founding designer likes to call them; ‘bags with soul’. A storyteller at heart, Mutlu collaborates with artisans from different fields of craftsmanship to create handmade, sophisticated accessories. To tell tales of love and adventure, balanced nuances of nostalgia, romance and orientalism come together in Mehry Mu collections. With the entrepreneurial spirit she inherited from her family, Güneş Mutlu decided to make use of her major in Pscyhology and gave into her calling for fashion. Her first business venture was a curated fashion and home decoration website and this was exactly when she realized the absence of handbag brands that spoke to her own taste. So she put herself to work; Mutlu’s poetic, colourful and chic aesthetic started manifesting on her designs. It was her curiosity for anthropology, literature, icons of style and travel culture that inspired and shaped her collections. And the formula worked; Mehry Mu’s authentic style has since appealed to the tastes of influential figures like Jennifer Lawrence and Olivia Palermo and its sales points have stretched from Istanbul to global addresses like Net-à and Le Bon Marché in Paris. As a mother of two, Güneş Mutlu designed Mehry Mu to be a brand that has both humanitarian and artistic commitments. To ensure that, Mehry Mu donates some portion of its proceeds to Kırmızı Çocuklar Derneği; a charity that works for the well being of kids and young adults who live under child protection in Turkey. Also, each new season brings a new Mehry Mu collection that is accompanied with collectable dustbags and postcards. The alumni of the artists who contributed to this concept so far is as follows; illustrator Paige Gemmel, visual artist duo Pınar & Viola, artist Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu and contemporary weaving artist Fırat Neziroğlu. Mehry Mu bags are bags with soul, since Mutlu believes each design carries a small portion of one big shared consciousness. In a world full of chaos, Mehry Mu chooses to walk the path of life with compassion and imagination.