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marina Raphael

From a very young age Marina was passionate about the world of fashion and the evolution of design. Motivated and ambitious, at the age of 15, she ventured into the business world by managing events. It was the challenge of fabricating new concepts that enthralled her and helped her to develop a mindset that creativity has no boundaries.

Marinas’ keen eye for detail borderlines an obsessive and meticulous pursuit for perfection, that stems from her heritage, the Swarovski brand. Entrepreneurial endeavours, aspiration for innovation and dedication to one’s kin are the lifeblood of the family DNA, and Marina is no exception. Born to a Swiss-Austrian mother and a Greek father, the designer has a natural affinity for exploration. Through her travels across the world, it has been her exposure to architecture, art and a variety of cultures that have instilled her global vision and helped her create a brand whose design speaks to an international audience.

The designer believes that “dressing for any occasion should excite and engage the mind, awakening a wish to create, seeing a canvas in oneself, and in their wardrobe, a palette of colours.” Marina finished her studies of Business Management at King’s College London in 2019, and continues to explore the horizons of the fashion industry.