Lourdes Chavez

Lourdes began designing beautiful clothing after her graduation from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising specializing in couture design. Lourdes was born and meant to be a designer but is equally a talented pattern maker and sewer which serves to enhance her entire process. Her career began with two prestigious houses in Los Angeles but her true talent and creativity blossomed when she opened her own house in December of 1997. 

Lourdes has been creating amazing designs with each collection and developing into a world class designer who has been honored and received numerous awards by the State of California, City of Hope, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and the Fashion Group International to name a few. Lourdes Chavez is a High Fashion / Couture atelier based in Los Angeles that creates two artful complete stunning collections a year, Spring / Summer & Fall / Winter made perfectly for you. 

Lourdes Chavez was founded in 1998. Lourdes hand sketches each item with her clients comfort and appearance in mind and has a clear focus on future trends while keeping her styling and taste current but ultimately classic and timeless. Her tailoring, patterns and fit are executed intricate and elaborate works of art.