chris davies

From the beginning, Chris Davies’ approach to design has been intellectual as well as technical, inspired and informed by the knowledge he has acquired in other fields. At the time Davies began his studies in fashion at Parsons and jewelry design at FIT, he had already acquired a B.A. in Religious Studies from Vassar and a Master’s Degree in Indian Philosophy in the Midwest.

Limited edition and one-of-a-kind pieces are made in New York, in the designer’s own workshop, one piece at a time. Davies’ jewels use traditional goldsmithing, weaving and tailoring methods to expand the aesthetic possibilities of historical jewelry forms. The jewelry is made with a dressmaker’s awareness of the body. Pattern-making and draping techniques are used to create pieces that allow the wearer to feel integrated with the jewel. This connection to body is as important as the visual impact of the piece. Clients often comment that the work feels good when worn; necklaces caress and stabilize, earrings feel light and well balanced. Trained across disciplines in the arts, the designer brings an haute couture eye to the goldsmith’s hand.

Chris Davies’ jewels are made using recycled 18k gold as well as conflict-free diamonds and colored gems cut and designed in NYC. Davies fabricates his work alongside a small and dedicated in-house team. Chris feels that it is important to create jewelry that has deep aesthetic and metaphysical purpose.